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Auckland, New Zealand
(Credit: DXR, CC by SA 4.0)
Auckland Waterfront
(Credit: Ed Kruger, CC by SA 3.0
(Credit: Alexander Klink, CC by SA 3.0)
Auckland Ferry Terminal
(Credit: Ingolfson, WIkimedia Commons)
Kea Ferry, Devonport Wharf
New Zealand
(Credit: techedlive, CC by SA 3.0)
Auckland Town Hall
(Credit: SimonLyall, Wikimedia Commons)
Khartoum Place, Auckland
(Credit: Ed Kruger, CC by SA 3.0
Queen Street, Auckland
(Credit: Urban Explorer, CC by SA 2.0)
Vulcan Lane, Auckland
(Credit: Ingolfson, WIkimedia Commons)
Dilworth Building ,Auckland
(Credit: Antilived, CC by SA 3.0)
Museum of Art and History
Rotorua, North Island
North Island, New Zealand
Lambton Quay, Wellington
(Credit: jackol, CC by SA 2.0)
Wellington, New Zealand
(Credit: Aidan, CC by SA 2.0)
(Credit: Brett Taylor, CC by SA 2.0)
Oriential Bay, Wellington
(Credit: Midnighttonight, Cc by SA 3.0)
Parliament Buildings, Wellington
(Credit: Bruce Staples, Wikimedia Commons)
St James Theatre, Wellington
(Credit: Maksym Kozlenko, CC by SA 3.0)
Christchurch, New Zealand
(Credit: Hamilton City Council, CC by SA 3.0)
Cassabella Lane, Hamilton
(Credit: ChChArtGallery
Wikimedia Commons)
Christchurch Art Gallery
(Credit: giiku, Wikimedia Commons)
Milford Sound, South Island
New Zealand
(Credit: Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust
Wikimedia Commons)
The kiwi--a flightless bird
Mount Cook, South Island
(3,724 meters, 12,218 feet)
(Credit: Atanamir, CC by SA 4.0)
(Credit: CM Lynch, CC by SA 3.0)
Mount Cook, South Island













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