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Sydney Opera House
(Credit: Rosino, CC by SA 2.0)
Sydney Central Business District
(Credit: legin101, CC by SA 2.0)
(Credit: JJ Harrison, CC by SA 3.0)
Sydney Harbour Bridge
(Credit: Mike Lehmann, CC by SA 3.0)
Queen Victoria Building, Sydney
(Credit: Donaldytong, CC by SA 3.0)
Melbourne, Victoria
Parliament House, Canberra
(Credit: JJ Harrison, CC by SA 3.0)
(Credit: Jes, CC by SA 2.0)
Bolte Bridge, Melbourne
(Credit: Christopher Neugebaeur, CC by SA 2.0)
Hobart, Tasmania
(Credit: Ashton 29, CC by SA 2.0)
Adelaide Central Business District, South Australia
(Credit: Scott Davis, CC by SA 3.0)
Vineyard in Clare Valley, South Australia
(Credit: Michael Waterhouse, CC by SA 2.0)
St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide
(Credit: David Iliff, CC by SA 3.0)
Koala bear
(Credit: Rileypie, Wikimedia Commons)
(Credit: Lachlan Fearnley, CC by SA 3.0)
Brisbane, Queensland
(Credit: palg1305, CC by SA 2.0)
University of Queensland, Brisbane
(Credit: GrieSeb, Wikimedia Commons)
Surfers Paradise. Queensland
Cairns, Queensland
(Credit: 04marjess, Wikimedia Commons)
Gold Coast, Queensland
(Credit: Petra, CC by SA 2.0)
Credit: Indech, Wikimedia Commons)
Darwin, Northern Territory
(Credit:Tourism NT, OTRS)
Casuarina Beach, Darwin
(Credit: Huntster, Wikimedia Commons)
Uluru (Ayers Rock), Northern Territory
(Credit: Perthsider, CC by SA 3.0)
Perth, Western Australia
(Credit: Greg O'Beirne, CC by SA 3.0)
Government House
Perth, Western Australia
(Credit: Jerry Nockles, CC by SA 3.0)
Mount Jagungal, Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
Charlotte Pass ski resort
Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
(Credit: flyingpurplemonkeys, CC by SA 2.0)













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