Basic English A2: Elementary Level








Gare central, Montreal (Jean Gagnon, CCA 3.0)



Our Basic English Elementary Level (A2) course consists of 20 free online lessons.

Our program is based on a communications approach with defined competency levels for reading, writing and listening at each level.

Cultural content is utilized in the grammar examples and quizzes in each lesson. You will learn fascinating aspects about the different neighborhoods and districts in Montreal.


Each lesson is organized as follows:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Dialogue
  • Key Sentences
  • Grammar Tips
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Listening & Pronunciation Practice
  • New Vocabulary Definitions
  • Idioms
  • Vocabulary Quiz/Crossword Puzzle


BASIC ENGLISH: A2 – Elementary Level

Describing things and places

Lesson 1
Talking about shapes and colors

Lesson 2
Describing places and things

Describing your routines, feelings, likes/dislikes; hobbies and skills

Lesson 3
Describing your routines

Lesson 4
Talking about how you feel

Lesson 5
Expressing likes and dislikes

Lesson 6
Talking about your favorite hobbies, personal interests, and leisure activities

Lesson 7
Talking about skills and abilities

Stating reasons; making comparisons; talking about plans and intentions

Lesson 8
Stating reasons

Lesson 9
Making comparisons

Lesson 10
Talking about plans and intentions


Lesson 11
Planning a trip to Montreal

Lesson 12
Arriving to and departing from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Lesson 13
Staying at a hotel in Montreal

Lesson 14
Learning about the neighborhoods of Montreal

Taking transportation in Montreal

Lesson 15
Taking a taxi in Montreal

Lesson 16
Taking the Metro in Montreal

Lesson 17
Using the train station in Montreal

Lesson 18
Taking the bus within Montreal

Lesson 19
Taking an inter-city bus to and from Montreal

Lesson 20
Cycling in Montreal